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My Wife Asked if I was Cheating on Her…

A while back, I came home from work as I usually do. Check my countenance in the rear view mirror, make sure I’m ready to be husband and daddy. As I drive up to the house, it’s dark and the lights aren’t on, so I need to use my flashlight to see what I’m doing.

As I get the door unlocked, I’m greeted by the kids who have already eaten and are wearing pajamas. “Daddy daddy!”

Picking them up with hugs and kisses, I ask “where’s momma?”

“Up in her room…”

Walking up the stairs with the kids on my heels, I open the door and there she is. Tidying up in the room, calmly and not looking at me.

“Give me your phone” she demands. “What? Why? … ok here you go.”

And she starts going through all my messages, facebook and texts, then voicemails, checking call logs…

“Are you cheating on me?” She asks?

I’m shocked. Dead shocked. “What? No way, I would rather die then cheat on you, I would never!”

“Then why are you coming home later than normal? And why aren’t you making any more money than usual, and let me smell your breath.”

…have you been there? You’re putting in all this work for the future of your family and you spouse asks if you’re cheating…

HOW did she draw this conclusion? I had to know.

She said “you’re hiding something from me. I don’t know what it is but you’re hiding something.”

She automatically assumed the worst and went straight for the balls. Ouch!

SHE WAS RIGHT. I was hiding something from her. I was hiding the fact that I had picked up the bad habit of chewing tobacco (this is a throwback for me from my highschool days) to find a familiar comfort and to QUIET THE NOISE IN MY HEAD.

You’ve been here before, and it’s related to business.

As an entrepreneur, you’ve probably had similar experiences… You go to work and the pressure is mounting. You find it increasingly difficult to change modes from work to home, and you start to sedate and self-medicate just to turn off that incessant noise in your head related to your business.

Before you know it, the noise has spilled over into your body by self-medicating and sedating just to get a brief respite form the chaos and noise in your head.

Then it spills over into your relationships. With your wife, kids, co-workers.

And this throws off your relationship with God because everything is chaotic.

Killing the old you and crushing it in business

The problems keep coming back if you don’t make a major change. The business you once started with so much passion and love is now something you almost hate. But it’s all you know, so quitting is not an option. You feel trapped.

But I’ve got some good news for you.

There is a way to having it all. And it starts with a fundamental change in the way you view your business, along with WHAT you do inside of your business.

Consider being on FIRE in business and leaving it at the office when you come home to a wife who’s proud of you and kids who feel you great energy.

This is the possibility that you know is out there, you just don’t have the path.

What I want you to do is fill out the form on the bottom of this page and get in touch with me. I will personally ask you the big questions about your business and your life. And it starts there. One conversation, one step.


Corey D. Rose, Co-Founder & CEO, Search Geeks

We’re Living in the Twilight Zone… like for real.

Corey D. Rose here, Co-Founder and CEO at the Search Geeks.

I was on my way into the office this morning taking the scenic rout = some of the most beautiful coastline in the world… or at least in the country – San Diego’s north county city of Carlsbad.

Over looking the beaches and the ocean with my windows down and the ocean breeze blowing through my beard (I don’t have any hair on top), I was enjoying a morning that was finally warm enough to be outside without a light hoodie.

But to my wonder, there was this weird phenomena everywhere I looked: People who were actually outside weren’t interested in the beautiful view, nor in each other. Nor in the fact that it was finally a really nice day.


They were all staring at their palms. Walking and staring. Sitting and staring. Standing and staring.

Into their palms.

If I didn’t know better, and I was a time traveler from say 15 years ago, I would know for certain that we had entered … The Twilight Zone.

And this is played out on playgrounds all across the modern world: children play while parents stare at their palms.

In restaurants families sit at a table together, all staring at their palms.

Yes, it has come to pass that the devices that were supposed to connect us have done exactly the opposite. They rob our attention from the people and surroundings in front of us and have sucked us into a complete addiction to other people’s thoughts and experiences.

“Who liked my post?”

“What’s [insert name] up to today?”

“What’s on sale at Amazon?”

… The result? We’ve lost the virtue of SOLITUDE.

Solitude, meaning that we are alone with our thoughts and not under the influence of someone else’s thoughts or control. Which is exactly what staring at the palm gets you.

Without solitude, there would be no Aristotle, no Shakespeare, no innovation, no creation, no real sense of control over your own thoughts.

And the result of this? A general low-level anxiety that has caused a huge increase in drug use, alcohol abuse and a ton of other ills that were unheard of just 15 years ago.

What does this mean for your online business?

When these “palm-starers” actually use their devices to accomplish something, like find a service provider or buy a product they can’t live without, what will it take to get them to notice you among the sea of noise and distraction?


Google can’t do it. Amazon can’t. Facebook can’t… and neither can your competitors.

What is that one thing they can’t be?


And by “you” I mean YOU, not your brand or your logo or business. But YOU. With this palm-device, YOU now have the ability to CONNECT with an audience with the only asset that sets you apart from your potential customers which is YOU. Your face, your voice, your words.

And in today’s economy and technology there’s no excuse to NOT go all in with your message on video, audio, typing and images.

And that’s what will pull people who are stuck in the Twilight Zone into YOUR DOME.

I would love to help you transcend the noise by bringing people to YOU in the heat of the search, which conveys professionalism and trust… and most importantly, a CONNECTION with a person in front of a product or brand.

Let’s have a chat. Fill out the form on this page and we’ll pick it up from there.


Is Your Website Crying like a Toddler from Falling Down?

Hola, I’m Corey D. Rose, Co-Founder and CEO here at the Search Geeks.

Today while I was on the phone with my wife, our little guy jumped off of the trampoline in the back yard (despite me warning him!!) and hurt himself. I could hear the crying as my wife approached him and he wanted daddy to give him a hug.

Fortunately my wife was there to help him get on his feet then put ice on his little bump while his sisters hugged him – helping him to feel better.

If you’re a parent, this scenario is all to familiar isn’t it! Kid falls and cries, you come running with band aids and ice … and maybe ice cream 🙂

When emergencies happen in the office

You’ve probably been here too. An employee comes running into your office or you get a panicked phone call or email letting you know that one of your processes is down, or another employee messed up or you have an upset customer…

When emergencies happen with the website

And you’re probably familiar with this kind of emergency too. This is always a tricky one – the website.

You’ve lost ranking all of a sudden or suddenly your traffic drops off.

And so have sales.

Heck, this might have happened a while ago and you still don’t know why. Only nobody is there inside the internet to pick your website back up and put it back on its feet – complete with band-aid and ice cream.

Fortunately for you my friend, this is something that we encounter more often than you’d think with potential clients that come to us looking for answers as to why they lost traffic.

Some of the top reasons your website loses ranking and traffic:

  1. A Google update – This is sometimes the case, as with the Dr. Axe website. Google recently updated their algorithm, which hit a lot of medical sites so it was lovingly referred to as “medic.” This site literally went from 13m+ down to about 4m visitors / month. Nearly a 75% loss. Shameful.
  2. You changed CMS (content management system) – that is, you moved from wordpress to shopify, or magento to XYZ. This can result in a lot of error pages, which if not handled correctly, can have a similar feel to what happened to our friend Dr. Axe (above). The reason you experience a drop is because you had pages (URLs) that were indexed and getting traffic. And maybe links.

    But when you went messing around with things you don’t know about, you ruined the traffic and the “link juice,” which now dies in a 404 error page. If you’ve been seeing those, you might be in this boat.

There are several other reasons why you could have these kinds of problems, but we’d really need to pop the hood to find out what’s going on.

Maybe you were spammed.

Maybe your servers were the victim of a brute force attack (DDoS).

Or maybe it was aliens.

Whatever has happened, you know you need to get some ER treatment immediately.

So what I want you to do next is fill out a form on our website and I will personally diagnose your site with you, live via screen-share BEFORE we get into any kind of working relationship. Just a conversation to see if we can stop the bleeding.

And the loss of revenue.

And the difficult conversations with people in the office.

And the pressure from the spouse…


Your Website’s Logo and Color Scheme Don’t Evoke Judgment, and That’s Bad. Here’s Why:

Corey D. Rose here, Co-Founder and CEO at the Search Geeks.

Earlier today as I was walking through our office building, there was an older gentleman walking his dog. We somehow got into the conversation about why we as humans love dogs (and most other animals for that matter).

The subject of judgment came up, that dogs don’t judge you when you’re interacting with them and it feels good to know that another being isn’t looking at you wondering why you’re wearing shoes from Payless, or why your makeup isn’t on point.

But then the twist –

I believe we love dogs because we drop our judgments – we let go of our comparison between another life form and ourselves. We don’t compare our inside with what we see on the outside when looking at a dog, which we tend to do when interacting with other human beings. You can go to this web-site, if you need more website designs and you’re just getting started with website marketing.

The internet paints a similar dynamic picture.

Webmasters toil day and night to find the secret color palette, craftiest logo and the most compelling copy.

Only to find that they’re just more noise in an ocean of distraction. And this is killing brands.

How? Because the insane amount of time and money spent on perfecting the “makeup” of a website in order to compel visitors to take the desired action could be replaced with something that the perfect color palette or logo struggles to do – without wasting another dollar or day.

The devices that people walk around with in their pockets all day long are supposed to make us more connected to each other. At least that was the promise. But what seems to have happened is we’re a society of unconnected people, worse than before we had smart phones.

So what’s the one thing people are starving for but just can’t find it above the sea of noise on the internet?


Connection with another human. It doesn’t have to be a facetime call or skype chat, but it can be the next best thing, which is finding the face of a brand and connecting through a video.

And evoking judgment.

And this is good, because judgment is discernment – or better put, “comparison.”

When they compare your brand that has YOU in front of it vs. another brand that has the awesome graphics and logo, guess who’s gonna win that judgment?

And how do they vote?

With their wallet.

So instead of fretting over all the crap that is basically meaningless if it doesn’t turn into dollars online and losing sleep over your logo, branding message and color pallet, give us a call and let’s have a conversation about how YOU can start to DOMINATE your market.

-Corey D. Rose


I stole some DVD’s, and that my friends, is cheap SEO

Hi! This is Corey D. Rose co-founder and CEO over here at the Search Geeks. Today I was sitting at our back porch outside the house, and as I was sitting there, I noticed there was a pot that had a mint plant in it.

A friend of my wife’s head given to her so she could use it for cooking or with tea or anything like that, but she had asked to get the pot back (this goes back several several months).

I think that same friend has been to the house a couple times and probably didn’t notice that the pot was there. It’s a really nice, orange pot, it looks like it was handmade with a very intricate design. It’s got some nice painting on it and it was just loaned to my wife and my wife, who is still planning on giving it back.

But the funny thing that I find a lot of times, is when you loan something out to somebody and then forget who you loaned it to, they’ll hang on to it forever. You tend to forget who you loaned it out to so you have these things like movies or books that you have loaned out to friends or family and you figure, “well when they’re done with it they’re gonna give it back to me,” and then the person that you loaned it to is like “well when they want it back, they’re gonna ask me.” And the next thing that happens is it’s gone forever.

So when you loan something out you usually never get it back and that has been my experience over and over. As a matter of fact I’ve got some DVDs that I got from a friend of mine before I moved to Southern California, which was six years ago and he never asked me for them so I never gave them back to him. But the truth is he probably forgot who he loaned them out to and would love to have them back – so maybe I’ll give him a call!

But I think this is kind of ironic in today’s world, that we can sometimes just have this same scenario played out inside of our finances.

If we look at our finances and actually went through the statement every single month, we would see certain bills that are just billed every month and a lot of those are just so far under the radar that you just don’t really care that they’re being debited every month.

This is the case I’ve noticed with budget search engine optimization (SEO) or internet marketing services – the hope with them is that you’ll forget that you’re paying every month and you’ll look at the barometer of your business; maybe not much has changed but it makes you feel good to be paying towards something that you think might be helping out your business. www.webchimpy.com is where you can find marketing services from experts to help you grow.

And that is the hope that the so called discount or outsourced SEO providers – hoping and banking on is this fact, that you probably won’t be missing that money (usually only a couple hundred dollars) every month and there’s not much accountability around it if it’s such a small dollar amount.

So, what I want you to do is if you are dealing with a budget or a low-ball company that you you’re not really sure if the work that they’re doing is having any kind of effect on the barometer of your business, go ahead and shoot an email to me: Corey @ searchgeeks.com and we’ll just start a conversation.

All we need to do is take a look and see if there are some of the tell-tale signs that the business is growing, stagnant, or worse yet – going the wrong direction. So again I hope this was a helpful nugget today and I look forward to chatting with you, take care and thanks for stopping by!

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