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SEO in the Time of COVID – More Important than Ever

My heart raced as I heard the news – California was headed for lock-down at midnight. What would this mean for my family? My business? My church?

Troubling news had become the mainstay over the weeks prior due to the coronavirus outbreak from China. But now it hit home.

Was I prepared with enough food?

Did I have enough cash reserves?

Do I have enough weapons?

What will America look like after the government has taken this kind of control in a “medical martial law?”

The Jobless Claims

With the lockdown, of course the hope is less people will become sick. Or at least not all at once.

But what about the hundreds of thousands of American heroes who’ve built successful businesses? Years to build up and only a few weeks or months to completely take so many of them out.

The Tragedy

Layoffs, furloughs, and even worse = closed doors. For good.

Alcohol sales up by over 50%.

Mindless consumption of television at an all-time high.

Anxiety spiking along with apathy and a new sedentary mandate.

Families at each other’s nerves. Kids out of school. Pools closed, parks closed, beaches closed, stores closed, restaurants closed…

The Opportunity

Besides the family-relationships that can benefit from this close proximity (which will be another post), there is huge opportunity for businesses that get it right. And I mean HUGE.

A week into the lockdown, I went on a hunt for the boardgame “Risk,” that I used to play and enjoy with the fellas years ago. Amazon would have taken 3 weeks. Target was out. So was Walmart.

But Barns and Noble had one at a store locally. So I had to follow protocol to get it:

  1. Visit the website, select my store and buy it
  2. Call the store to confirm my order
  3. Pull up to the small table out front to pick my order up – curbside

What an innovation! And what a testimony of how important – now more than ever, a strong online presence is in these days of lockdown. Find it online, buy it, pick it up or have it delivered. Brilliant.

And this isn’t just for businesses that sell items, but also for services (consulting, home services etc…)

Grabbing someone’s attention in the “heat of the search” is the most important thing advertising can do for a business. Plus a warm hand-off from the world’s most trusted brand – Google. You’re now tee’d up for a win.

But only if you can be found.

And if you’re a retailer like Barns and Noble, why not kick your game up while Amazon is down? You could deliver way faster than Amazon can right now, why would you NOT take advantage and get some of your revenue back up? And crush your own sales!

What’s your gameplan? How will things change for you?

The Answer

It’s up to your response. If you retreat and let fear guide your days, watching the newsporn, then you’ll come out of this in big trouble.

But, if you allow this covid-19 coronavirus lockdown to unleash your creativity – for your business, your clients, your family… then you’ll come out victorious. In fact, it’s going to be a really good 3-5 year run for the businesses that survive this crisis, who do it in the right way.

Right now, for coronavirus relief, we’re offering to double-up on the amount of services we offer clients, for the lifetime of the account – without double the investment.

Move twice as fast, get twice your money’s worth, and take big strides forward while much of the world is shrinking back.

Call or fill out the form on this page and I will personally reach out to you.


Corey D. Rose, Co-founder, Search Geeks

3 Steps to Increase Google Ads ROI by 100% in a High Competition Market

A new client of ours is locked into a contract with a company, paying them to manage their Google Ads campaign. But what does that really mean and how do you know if you or the company you’ve hired is doing it right?

I “popped the hood” on his campaign and ran my classic 3-point inspection that typically yields a 100% increase in ROI. I was shocked to learn that the company managing the campaign hadn’t done any of this – and the client was paying an even bigger price than the management fee – Ad Spend.

This particular campaign seemed to have everything right, just like most of them I look at:

  1. Keyword targeting fairly accurate
  2. Negative keyword list was in place
  3. Ad copy looked good and they were A/B testing

But after having managed millions of dollars in ad-spend, there are some optimization points that I find consistently overlooked. And these are the kinds of optimization points that can make or break a campaign, especially when dealing with the increasing competition in the paid traffic space.

The Irrefutable 3 Points of Optimization in Paid Search Campaigns

Here are the three points that have the biggest potential to impact your CTR, CPC, CPA and ROI:

  1. Time-of-day conversions:
    Looking at what time of day people are more likely to become a client or make a purchase – NOT JUST A LEAD. Simply put, there are way too many campaigns running 24/7 that have no business doing so. If you pull the data, it doesn’t lie. Check the Day and Hour that your conversions came in, compared to the actual spend on clicks. You might start to see a story unfold.
    Log into your account, click on the campaign you want to optimize, then on the left side of the screen, select “AD Schedule” – make sure you have the “conversion” column visible. You can then download in a spreadsheet and start listening to the story:
    view day and hour clicks to ads came in
  2. Day of the Week Conversions:
    This is similar to the first point – but it’s a nuance that needs to be paid some attention. There are way too many campaigns that are not looking at the actual data. And a lot of times it’s because there IS a manual process that needs to be put in place to properly optimize. If your campaign is tracking conversions on a landing page that generates leads, which days of the week are producing leads that actually result in a sale? This cannot be tracked in the Ads dashboard – it’s 100% reliant on your ability and software to track it internally. In other words, if a lead came in on Monday, and the deal closed on Friday, that DEAL needs to be attributed to MONDAY. And it can only be done with the proper attention being given to your advertising channels. You’d pull the same data table as above, but look at it side-by-side with your actual new deals that have come in. Then make the proper adjustment to your campaign.
  3. Region or State (location data)
    This is another huge miss on most campaigns, whether you’re a national services provider or an ecommerce site, or a local service provider advertising in multiple cities or zip codes. The chances are that you’ve been advertising pretty much the same way in all locations. But the likelihood that you have an equal ROI across all locations is pretty much ZERO.

    What you need to do – and I know this is another manual and tedious project, is look at your books. Where is the majority of your business coming from? Compare that to the amount of ad-spend in that location – compared to the other locations where you’re advertising.

    The data will start telling you a story: STOP advertising in TX and FL, and scale advertising in WA, VA and NY for example. Again, you’ll have to pull out the books and do some side-by-side comparison. But in the long run, it’ll pay of huge dividends because you’ll now stop what doesn’t work and scale what does:

    pull user location data

    get user state advertised in

Do this and you are almost guaranteed an immediate impact on your bottom line. Your ads will be more effective and you’ll have ROI on demand.

An Ads campaign that is properly optimized is another business asset, which can be valuated whenever you’re looking to sell the company (if ever), so consider it part of your exit strategy.

And keep testing, testing testing!


PS. If you want a complementary once-over on your ads campaign, fill out the form at the bottom of this page!

Use This 1 Covert Strategy for your 2019 Blogging Strategy

…with data-driven content that Google devours.

Blogging. To do or not to do.

The one most common deficiency with virtually everyone who contacts us is they have no idea what they should do with their blogging strategy. They might have posted something 6 months ago, or a year ago or longer… and it’s just not cutting the mustard.

To develop a blogging strategy that kills it, you must first uncover what your potential clients are searching for. Since about 80% of all internet traffic is research related (10% buyer’s intent, 10% asking for local directions), it’s a good idea to reach this audience in the research phase – because it’s only a matter of time before they make that buying decision.

And when they do, if you’ve got your content strategy nailed down, you’re further ahead than any of your competitors.

What’s more? You can add them to remarketing lists across Google’s display network and Facebook … but that’s a topic for another day.

Data Driven Content that Google Loves

So, here’s a link to the video post on Linkedin along with a must-have browser plugin that will help you as well as a limited time offer to get access to our “clients only” course on “Content that Kills: Data Driven Content that Google Loves.

So go there now, watch the video and start crushing it!

get data driven content that is unlimited
Watch on Linkedin

The 1 Thing SEO Cannot Do For You

…You Must Face Your Fears.

Happy Friday! Corey D. Rose here, co-founder and CEO at the Search Geeks, and inside the Search Geeks Vault. SEO can do a lot of things to increase your site’s traffic, including bringing down your competitors’ ranking by https://negativeseoguy.com. Today’s learning is focusing on the one thing that SEO cannot do for you.

Every day, your potential audience is out there clawing through the noise of the internet on this mobile device that was made to “connect” people – but all it has done is disconnect them from even the people right in front of them.

As the internet comes of age, and as people are starting to realize that their lives are being consumed by mindless pursuit of entertainment, they’re unplugging.

But during the time when they’re actually looking for your product or service, they’re actually looking for a connection to another human – to create a sense of belonging and ultimately to make the right buying decision based mostly on emotion. And how does that emotion come across?

YOU. Facing your fears of getting in front of a camera and speaking to that audience.

This is something that SEO cannot do for you, nor your content team. It has to come from YOU. You’re the face of the brand, company, product or service. And people want to connect with people. When that happens, so does the magic.

The 2 Steps to Begin Dominating with your Marketing

The first thing that getting some video out in front of your marketing does – on a landing page or the homepage of your website – is helps you conquer a new fear. This in turn propels you to keep moving past other fears and rekindles your fire in business. Just Do It.

The second thing it will do is polarize your marketplace, in your favor. You’ll start to build a tribe that becomes loyal to you. You’ll differentiate yourself among all your competitors because:

1: None of them are doing this

2: None of them have YOU

You are the brand. You are the face. YOU are the connection that your potential clients or customers are looking for when the get online to solve an immediate problem or answer an immediate question they have.

Are you considering TikTok for your business marketing campaign? If so, it’s the right decision to succeed on the platform and get your business on TikTok to better increase engagement and sales.

What I want you to do now is get out your cell phone and record a video that comments on the pain that your potential customers feel before they buy from you. Followed by how you solve this with your product or service. And get into it… REALLY get into their pain and connect with them emotionally on how your product brings them to their utopia.

Then I want you to share this post with someone who you think needs to hear it.

And if you’re having a block – if your business is overrun by competitors in a “race to the bottom” with pricing, or you’re just not able to crank up the volume any more on your own efforts, get in touch with a company like the one at https://victoriousseo.com/blog/google-business-optimization/ to get all the help needed.


Hail Mary Marketing is Miserable and it Sucks

“…If you don’t come through for me, I’ll be homeless.”

Keith recently got in touch with us – he ran at one time a successful services based business in the Houston TX area. He had about 40 guys working for him with a dozen or so trucks. They had built a reputation as being the best at what they did – but as their legacy clientele either moved out of the area or had different needs, his business started to dry up.

Coming from the days of the Yellow Pages, this business owner never put effort into his online presence and just figured he could rest on his laurels.

As the internet came of age, Keith’s business lost revenue – and worse yet, he had to let his employees go to work for his competitors.

Blaming it on market conditions and so-called “flukes,” he just figured it would all come back to him.

But it never did.

He was down to only a few guys and 2 trucks.

Add to that an ugly divorce – fueled by the fact that his business wasn’t producing what it used to, which led to plenty of self-medication and problems at home. He wasn’t as strong as he used to be, wasn’t in the shape he once was, wasn’t earning the money he once was and now isn’t in the marriage he once was.

By the time he finally realized that marketing was a neat idea, it was too late.

“I need you to SEO my website, I’m going to pay you with my rent money this month – and if you don’t come through I’ll be homeless.”

…No freakin’ thanks.

Any time your marketing initiatives become a “Hail Mary,” it means you’ve probably always been a “clutch” player. Sure, you can come off the bench and hit a home-run when the pressure is on. The heat is on at the last minute and you can rely on your skillset so you take a shot. But where were you the rest of the game that lead up to the last minute? But there are some SEO services like Austin TX SEO, which offer the best and the most authentic SEO services. You can also try them out!

On the bench?

You didn’t want the pressure while things were good. You were content in the comfort zone.

The result? You’re losing the game and looking for a savior. Trying to find someone who will rescue you from the painful pit you’ve put yourself into because if THAT fails, then it’s someone else’s fault.

For a business that survives, every moment is a pressure situation. No “clutch” and no “savior” moments that make or break them. 100% responsibility.

Yes, marketing will make or break a business

But the kind of marketing that withstands the test of time and makes a business – is done with a very clear goal in mind: to DOMINATE. To do so, many of the companies and other marketing agencies, specifically hire Austin SEO service to get themselves noticed on the web.

Not just to be a player. Not just to do “enough.” But to go to war with the marketplace. Not just a battle here or there, but all-out war. Concise, consistent and cross-platform.

A marketer that hands the entire future of a business over to someone else or only one channel as a “Hail Mary” is doomed – and we won’t take on that kind of partnership.

But intense focus and desire to dominate an industry, backed with the right consistent action = unstoppable. This is also when every marketing initiative gets rewarded.

Now for Keith – I don’t know how he ended up.

But I know what he should have done. Years ago.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.” -Chinese proverb

What “Hail Marys” have you thrown?

Or are you always one who’s putting on the pressure..?

If you know you want to DOMINATE but you’re not quite sure where to put the pressure, then we need to talk.


3 “Diagnose or Die” Essentials if you Loose Google Traffic

…Without having to spend a dime.

My wife’s closet is adjacent to the shower in our bathroom. One morning a couple weeks ago, she walked into her closet barefoot and felt wet carpet. “Probably just some water from the shower that got on the floor and onto the carpet.”

Then she felt it later that night, the carpet was still wet. Dang it.

So I saw a small water stain on the wall and figured the shower was spraying from behind the wall then dripping to the floor inside and out to the carpet. The I noticed mold.

So we called a plumber who came and cut open the drywall to find out the leak was actually coming from above the ceiling – it was a pipe that leads to the shower with a pinhole leak, slowly dripping all the way through the wall to the carpet.

But it took someone actually cutting into or “popping the hood” on the problem who knew what to look for and where before we were able to come up with a solution.

3 Causes of Potential Website traffic loss

It never fun to lose traffic, ranking, sales or leads from the organic side of your marketing.

When this is the case with any potential client coming to us, we always run some diagnostics looking at 3 main points of interest:

  1. SEMRush – this will give us a timeline of when the traffic drop occured. This is important because we can correlate the drop with either:
    a. a website redesign or update (new CMS, new servers, new content, new pages etc…)
    b. a Google update
    Here’s what happened to draxe.com over 2 core Google updates as he went from almost 16m monthly visitors to 1m:

    Most of the issues I’ve ever seen are one of the two above, seldom anything else. You can get a free account that will at the very least give you the timeline. But to be sure, the next tool I use is:
  2. Majestic – this tool allows you to look at the backlinks pointing to a website. You can check the newer links to see if there’s anything indicitave of a negative SEO attack or a website hack. The dead giveaway? Links that come to pages you didn’t create with words like “viagra, cialis, brides…” you get the point. The downside of this one is that it requires you to pay for any information…
  3. Google Search Console – You’ll be able to get some of the information that Majestic would have given you – so it’s still a good option.

    When you’re logged in to the search console, just visit the link on the left side of the page and see if there’s anything fishy:

    Between all of these checkup points, you should get a pretty good idea on what the heck happened.

Of course you also want to just ask your brain what was going on when there was a loss in traffic. Did you do any work on the site?

Or maybe it was something darker, like a denial of service (Dos / DDoS) attack, which is a lot harder to track.

If you’ve reached the end of this article – and the end of your wits, then you need to get in touch. I’ll run a free diagnostic on your site so we can pinpoint exactly what’s going on with your traffic.

And get you back on track to where you were … and beyond.


1 Little Thing you’re Leaving on the Table Could Cost you, Big Time.

I was getting ready to leave the house this morning when my little 4 year-old, Nathanael, came at me with cool hotwheels truck that he wanted me to bring to the office with me.

It’s the small metal kind that I used to play with when I was a boy – you know, the one that still sells millions to kids everywhere. It’s a red Fire Department truck that looks like it’s a 4X4 meant for off-roading. Tons of fun!

I ended up leaving it on the counter near where he was eating breakfast as I walked out the door but before I reached my car, he came running after me in tears, “Daddy you forgot your toy..!”

What a jerk I was – to spurn his gift. To not receive something that he just knew I would love playing with when I needed a state-change during the middle of my day.

I grabbed it and assured him I’d be playing with it at work…

This is significant because in business, especially in marketing, there are all kinds of “shiny objects” that are pushed by the latest “guru,” or old products that you’ve never tried but even at the recommendation of trusted advisors you still haven’t incorporated into your strategy.

…you’ve left the building without grabbing the toy.

The one thing that could change everything

One of our clients owns a large ecommerce website with thousands of pieces of fine gold and diamond jewelry. The CEO has always had his hand on all the marketing, so when I introduced him to a new concept of using video and blogging to start dominating, he was all ears, but clueless.

Instead of walking away without the “toy,” he decided to have one of his local colleagues come over to show him exactly how to shoot and record video, then upload it – then blog around it, then share it.

Omnipresence is in his future. He took the red pill, and he’s going to join the elite.

Simplicity in Marketing vs. Shiny Objects

Have you ever been told to do something that sounded too simple? Too easy with not enough rules or promise of exact ROI?

Have you ever considered implementing something that didn’t cost you money – but instead was a minor investment of time that if done often enough, with messaging consistently enough, could actually become the most effective channel in all your marketing?

I’m talking about YOU, getting in front of your target audience in a new way that dominates. One that seems omnipresent to your potential clients.

It’s authentic.

It’s connection.

It’s your moral duty and obligation.

Picking up your phone and recording specific videos around what your target audience is searching for is not only a good idea, it’s easy to do once you get the reps in.

The phone they hold in their hands while Googling a solution to some kind of pain they’re experiencing can connect you with another human in a genuine way that will silence all other competitors in the mind of your new potential client.

And it’s something you can get started on right away.

It’s not shiny. It’s not a DFY service. It’s just you. And your audience… connecting over a problem that YOU can solve.

Your competitors aren’t doing it.

You’ve probably never done it.

So don’t break the rules, change them.


Let Fear Feed the Fire in Your Business

…by starving fear of it’s favorite food, TIME.

I was speaking with a potential client today who was operating at about 20% capacity of what she could. She contacted us because of this pain that she was facing in business.

She’d done all the instagram posts and facebook interaction, but still wasn’t near capacity in her business, which is related to the beauty industry (owns a local salon).

While she’d been spending a few dollars on some advertising, she was afraid to spend more because she didn’t think she could afford to at the rate she was bringing in new clients.

What I picked up on was fear. She was paralyzed. She was unsure what would work and what wouldn’t and wanted answers. She was even talking about closing shop!

Are you gripped with fear that has been paralyzing you? Are you full of anxiety when it comes time to make that call or visit that client? Are you afraid of what others in the market might say if you went to war with your industry?

All of these fears are what can either take you out of the race OR they can Feed the Fire!

STARVE fear of its favorite food, which is time – and act IMMEDIATELY. Moving towards the things you’re afraid of in business is exactly what will enable you to no only conquer that fear but to grow because of it. And to profit from it.

Use fear as an indicator to GO

The only thing that makes the difference is action.

No matter what excuses you’re telling yourself about the thing you’re afraid to do, that fear is a guidepost telling you to go. And do it now.

Getting lucky has nothing to do with success in life. It doesn’t even require money. Success requires that you move past your fears in life by acting powerfully and with speed.

How Driving Through Tijuana is like Internet Marketing

Corey D. Rose here-

Last weekend I was invited to go with some of the fellas from my church to go to Tijuana MX to help build some walls at a new church that supports some missionaries and orphanages.

We met up at our home church in North County San Diego bright and early on Saturday before 6am then got into a couple trucks and headed out.

The weather was perfect, the marine layer starting to burn off as the sun was rising over the mountains.

We approached the boarder and there was really no line so we flew right past border patrol without incident.

Then we got to the streets … dang –

Now I’d been to TJ in the past, even driving, and it’s always a huge shock compared to what I’m used to in the states.

There were people darting in front of cars, cars not stopping at stoplights and lanes seemed to be a suggestion!

And the dudes who were driving weren’t even using GPS! Fortunately I was with some guys who knew the area so well that they also knew to drive 4×4 pickups. Why?

Because some of those streets are so dang steep that a 2 wheel drive would skid out – and forget about climbing them in the rain!

Internet marketing can seem just as crazy as trying to navigate through a foreign country without a GPS and without a 4×4 if you’re not being guided by someone who knows the territory.

Building Your Own Marketing Channels or Delegating?

I run into a ton of well-meaning people who did not depend on this digital agency but set out on their own to do their own marketing for whatever reason:

  1. save money
  2. learn all the aspects of the business
  3. stay in control of everything
  4. just because .. ?

This is downright foolish if you’ve not counted the costs of going it alone. You’ll need a GPS, a four-wheel-drive, plenty of gas and ALL your focus has to go into building out any channel or it’s not worth doing.


You find someone who can hop on board with you to help build your equity, brand and profits.

When it comes to doing the right thing for your business, you’re going to have to hire the right people and get your business online to see a significant improvement in your business’s online visibility!

You don’t necessarily need to hire someone F/T to build one channel and manage it unless your ad spend is in the millions / month.

You probably shouldn’t task your marketing manager / director with building out all your channels if you’re spending tens of thousands / month because the campaigns all require significant monitoring, optimization and tweaks along the way.

If you’re caught in a rut of not knowing exactly how well each channel is performing, this is probably a result of no conversion tracking and sending all your traffic into the same bucket. You can read this description to know more about the seriousness of this issue.

You should absolutely be bringing paid traffic to your business website, but you should be measuring absolutely every click and dollar spent.

If you’re in this scenereo, I want to personally pop the hood on your website and channels for a complementary look to at least make sure you’re not bleeding out. What the heck, it couldn’t hurt!

Fill out the form on the bottom of this page and I’ll be in touch!


A Big Marketing Lesson from This Little Bastard

…And it could be costing your business tens of thousands of dollars.

Last weekend I went to the Carlsbad Lagoon with some other families that have kids about the same age as my kids. They’re all between the ages of 3 and 11, about 12 of them between 4 families.

It was overcast but fairly warm, about 75* outside so the kids weren’t too in to swimming that day but fortunately my friend brought a kayak, SUP paddle board and a huge inflatable.

There were no waves at the lagoon so the water was pretty calm, and it was a shallow shoreline with plenty of dry sand for beach stuff along with lots of shallow water in front of us.

As I was standing ankle deep in the water, I noticed a particularly large blue crab moving pretty quickly between my feet and the dry sand, so I grabbed one of my friends and a bucket and we scooped him out of the water and onto the sand for a little show and tell for the kids.

The crab quickly nestled himself into a footprint in the sand and stopped moving so everyone could get a good look at his back. But the kids wanted a closer look.

So me, being a dude from the Pacific Northwest, growing up crabbing on the coast (dungeones crab) thought I’d be the cool guy by picking that thing up and showing off his underside to the kids and other adults.

As I picked him up, the little bastard reached UNDERneath himself – in a way the crabs I was used to couldn’t do, and grabbed a hold of my middle finger and pinched the crap out of it as I felt the pressure followed by a POP!

I quickly shook it off my finger but the pincer stayed on so I shook a little more until it fell off.

I was bleeding from both sides of my fingernail. My youngest daughter burst into tears and the other kids started screaming.

What in the world just happened! It wasn’t supposed to go down like that!

Well, I quickly googled “how to pick up a crab” and realized that I grabbed it wrong, and paid the price!

Marketing done wrong is like messing with something you don’t know anything about

I was on the phone with a new client who had spent about $10,000 on Google Ads over the last several months and wasn’t sure if there were any sales or leads because of the ads.

Whaaaa? Yup, it’s true.

How? You ask? No conversion tracking. There could have been sales, leads and a more optimized campaign with that kind of ad spend but it was literally wasted because conversions were not being tracked.

Simply put, when a Googler Googles something, finds an ad and clicks on it, then either makes a purchase or becomes a lead, the owner of that ad account should be able to have 100% visibility.

The visibility with conversion tracking in Google Ads:

  1. The dashboard will show which keyword generated the click
  2. Then you’ll see which ad they clicked on
  3. Then you’ll see all the other competitive metrics like CPC, ad position etc…
  4. And you should also be seeing another column called “conversions” which is triggered when you have a rule setup in the ads campaign that says:
    IF a visitor reaches a certain page (usually a “thank you” page)
    THEN count this as a conversion

What you get after collecting enough data is the road to an optimized campaign.

Some Google Ads conversion factors and optimization points:

  1. Keyword query that resulted in the conversion
  2. Ad that resulted in the conversion
  3. State where the user was in
  4. Time of day
  5. Day of the week

These are some of the biggest missed opportunities in conversion tracking within ad campaigns that I’ve litterally seen over $1m worth of ad spend on an account that absolutely COULD NOT be optimized … because there is NOTHING to make decisions on if you don’t have conversions tracked.

What I want you to do if you have an account like this and you’re wondering if it’s performing is fill out a form on our website and I will personally jump in there to have a look then give you some recommendations.

Now back to that damn crab…

He won the battle but I won the war because my finger is pretty much healed up but he has to grow a new hand 🙂


-Corey D. Rose

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