Hail Mary Marketing is Miserable and it Sucks

August 6, 2019
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August 6, 2019 Corey Rose

“…If you don’t come through for me, I’ll be homeless.”

Keith recently got in touch with us – he ran at one time a successful services based business in the Houston TX area. He had about 40 guys working for him with a dozen or so trucks. They had built a reputation as being the best at what they did – but as their legacy clientele either moved out of the area or had different needs, his business started to dry up.

Coming from the days of the Yellow Pages, this business owner never put effort into his online presence and just figured he could rest on his laurels.

As the internet came of age, Keith’s business lost revenue – and worse yet, he had to let his employees go to work for his competitors.

Blaming it on market conditions and so-called “flukes,” he just figured it would all come back to him.

But it never did.

He was down to only a few guys and 2 trucks.

Add to that an ugly divorce – fueled by the fact that his business wasn’t producing what it used to, which led to plenty of self-medication and problems at home. He wasn’t as strong as he used to be, wasn’t in the shape he once was, wasn’t earning the money he once was and now isn’t in the marriage he once was.

By the time he finally realized that marketing was a neat idea, it was too late.

“I need you to SEO my website, I’m going to pay you with my rent money this month – and if you don’t come through I’ll be homeless.”

…No freakin’ thanks.

Any time your marketing initiatives become a “Hail Mary,” it means you’ve probably always been a “clutch” player. Sure, you can come off the bench and hit a home-run when the pressure is on. The heat is on at the last minute and you can rely on your skillset so you take a shot. But where were you the rest of the game that lead up to the last minute? But there are some SEO services like Austin TX SEO, which offer the best and the most authentic SEO services. You can also try them out!

On the bench?

You didn’t want the pressure while things were good. You were content in the comfort zone.

The result? You’re losing the game and looking for a savior. Trying to find someone who will rescue you from the painful pit you’ve put yourself into because if THAT fails, then it’s someone else’s fault.

For a business that survives, every moment is a pressure situation. No “clutch” and no “savior” moments that make or break them. 100% responsibility.

Yes, marketing will make or break a business

But the kind of marketing that withstands the test of time and makes a business – is done with a very clear goal in mind: to DOMINATE. To do so, many of the companies and other marketing agencies, specifically hire Austin SEO service to get themselves noticed on the web.

Not just to be a player. Not just to do “enough.” But to go to war with the marketplace. Not just a battle here or there, but all-out war. Concise, consistent and cross-platform.

A marketer that hands the entire future of a business over to someone else or only one channel as a “Hail Mary” is doomed – and we won’t take on that kind of partnership.

But intense focus and desire to dominate an industry, backed with the right consistent action = unstoppable. This is also when every marketing initiative gets rewarded.

Now for Keith – I don’t know how he ended up.

But I know what he should have done. Years ago.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.” -Chinese proverb

What “Hail Marys” have you thrown?

Or are you always one who’s putting on the pressure..?

If you know you want to DOMINATE but you’re not quite sure where to put the pressure, then we need to talk.



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