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June 18, 2019 Corey Rose

I stole some DVD’s, and that my friends, is cheap SEO

Hi! This is Corey D. Rose co-founder and CEO over here at the Search Geeks. Today I was sitting at our back porch outside the house, and as I was sitting there, I noticed there was a pot that had a mint plant in it.

A friend of my wife’s head given to her so she could use it for cooking or with tea or anything like that, but she had asked to get the pot back (this goes back several several months).

I think that same friend has been to the house a couple times and probably didn’t notice that the pot was there. It’s a really nice, orange pot, it looks like it was handmade with a very intricate design. It’s got some nice painting on it and it was just loaned to my wife and my wife, who is still planning on giving it back.

But the funny thing that I find a lot of times, is when you loan something out to somebody and then forget who you loaned it to, they’ll hang on to it forever. You tend to forget who you loaned it out to so you have these things like movies or books that you have loaned out to friends or family and you figure, “well when they’re done with it they’re gonna give it back to me,” and then the person that you loaned it to is like “well when they want it back, they’re gonna ask me.” And the next thing that happens is it’s gone forever.

So when you loan something out you usually never get it back and that has been my experience over and over. As a matter of fact I’ve got some DVDs that I got from a friend of mine before I moved to Southern California, which was six years ago and he never asked me for them so I never gave them back to him. But the truth is he probably forgot who he loaned them out to and would love to have them back – so maybe I’ll give him a call!

But I think this is kind of ironic in today’s world, that we can sometimes just have this same scenario played out inside of our finances.

If we look at our finances and actually went through the statement every single month, we would see certain bills that are just billed every month and a lot of those are just so far under the radar that you just don’t really care that they’re being debited every month.

This is the case I’ve noticed with budget search engine optimization (SEO) or internet marketing services – the hope with them is that you’ll forget that you’re paying every month and you’ll look at the barometer of your business; maybe not much has changed but it makes you feel good to be paying towards something that you think might be helping out your business.

And that is the hope that the so called discount or outsourced SEO providers – hoping and banking on is this fact, that you probably won’t be missing that money (usually only a couple hundred dollars) every month and there’s not much accountability around it if it’s such a small dollar amount.

So, what I want you to do is if you are dealing with a budget or a low-ball company that you you’re not really sure if the work that they’re doing is having any kind of effect on the barometer of your business, go ahead and shoot an email to me: Corey @ searchgeeks.com and we’ll just start a conversation.

All we need to do is take a look and see if there are some of the tell-tale signs that the business is growing, stagnant, or worse yet – going the wrong direction. So again I hope this was a helpful nugget today and I look forward to chatting with you, take care and thanks for stopping by!

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