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June 21, 2019 Corey Rose

Is Your Website Crying like a Toddler from Falling Down?

Hola, I’m Corey D. Rose, Co-Founder and CEO here at the Search Geeks.

Today while I was on the phone with my wife, our little guy jumped off of the trampoline in the back yard (despite me warning him!!) and hurt himself. I could hear the crying as my wife approached him and he wanted daddy to give him a hug.

Fortunately my wife was there to help him get on his feet then put ice on his little bump while his sisters hugged him – helping him to feel better.

If you’re a parent, this scenario is all to familiar isn’t it! Kid falls and cries, you come running with band aids and ice … and maybe ice cream 🙂

When emergencies happen in the office

You’ve probably been here too. An employee comes running into your office or you get a panicked phone call or email letting you know that one of your processes is down, or another employee messed up or you have an upset customer…

When emergencies happen with the website

And you’re probably familiar with this kind of emergency too. This is always a tricky one – the website.

You’ve lost ranking all of a sudden or suddenly your traffic drops off.

And so have sales.

Heck, this might have happened a while ago and you still don’t know why. Only nobody is there inside the internet to pick your website back up and put it back on its feet – complete with band-aid and ice cream.

Fortunately for you my friend, this is something that we encounter more often than you’d think with potential clients that come to us looking for answers as to why they lost traffic.

Some of the top reasons your website loses ranking and traffic:

  1. A Google update – This is sometimes the case, as with the Dr. Axe website. Google recently updated their algorithm, which hit a lot of medical sites so it was lovingly referred to as “medic.” This site literally went from 13m+ down to about 4m visitors / month. Nearly a 75% loss. Shameful.
  2. You changed CMS (content management system) – that is, you moved from wordpress to shopify, or magento to XYZ. This can result in a lot of error pages, which if not handled correctly, can have a similar feel to what happened to our friend Dr. Axe (above). The reason you experience a drop is because you had pages (URLs) that were indexed and getting traffic. And maybe links.

    But when you went messing around with things you don’t know about, you ruined the traffic and the “link juice,” which now dies in a 404 error page. If you’ve been seeing those, you might be in this boat.

There are several other reasons why you could have these kinds of problems, but we’d really need to pop the hood to find out what’s going on.

Maybe you were spammed.

Maybe your servers were the victim of a brute force attack (DDoS).

Or maybe it was aliens.

Whatever has happened, you know you need to get some ER treatment immediately.

So what I want you to do next is fill out a form on our website and I will personally diagnose your site with you, live via screen-share BEFORE we get into any kind of working relationship. Just a conversation to see if we can stop the bleeding.

And the loss of revenue.

And the difficult conversations with people in the office.

And the pressure from the spouse…


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