Let Fear Feed the Fire in Your Business

July 19, 2019
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July 19, 2019 Corey Rose

…by starving fear of it’s favorite food, TIME.

I was speaking with a potential client today who was operating at about 20% capacity of what she could. She contacted us because of this pain that she was facing in business.

She’d done all the instagram posts and facebook interaction, but still wasn’t near capacity in her business, which is related to the beauty industry (owns a local salon).

While she’d been spending a few dollars on some advertising, she was afraid to spend more because she didn’t think she could afford to at the rate she was bringing in new clients.

What I picked up on was fear. She was paralyzed. She was unsure what would work and what wouldn’t and wanted answers. She was even talking about closing shop!

Are you gripped with fear that has been paralyzing you? Are you full of anxiety when it comes time to make that call or visit that client? Are you afraid of what others in the market might say if you went to war with your industry?

All of these fears are what can either take you out of the race OR they can Feed the Fire!

STARVE fear of its favorite food, which is time – and act IMMEDIATELY. Moving towards the things you’re afraid of in business is exactly what will enable you to no only conquer that fear but to grow because of it. And to profit from it.

Use fear as an indicator to GO

The only thing that makes the difference is action.

No matter what excuses you’re telling yourself about the thing you’re afraid to do, that fear is a guidepost telling you to go. And do it now.

Getting lucky has nothing to do with success in life. It doesn’t even require money. Success requires that you move past your fears in life by acting powerfully and with speed.


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