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June 28, 2019 Corey Rose

My Wife Asked if I was Cheating on Her…

A while back, I came home from work as I usually do. Check my countenance in the rear view mirror, make sure I’m ready to be husband and daddy. As I drive up to the house, it’s dark and the lights aren’t on, so I need to use my flashlight to see what I’m doing.

As I get the door unlocked, I’m greeted by the kids who have already eaten and are wearing pajamas. “Daddy daddy!”

Picking them up with hugs and kisses, I ask “where’s momma?”

“Up in her room…”

Walking up the stairs with the kids on my heels, I open the door and there she is. Tidying up in the room, calmly and not looking at me.

“Give me your phone” she demands. “What? Why? … ok here you go.”

And she starts going through all my messages, facebook and texts, then voicemails, checking call logs…

“Are you cheating on me?” She asks?

I’m shocked. Dead shocked. “What? No way, I would rather die then cheat on you, I would never!”

“Then why are you coming home later than normal? And why aren’t you making any more money than usual, and let me smell your breath.”

…have you been there? You’re putting in all this work for the future of your family and you spouse asks if you’re cheating…

HOW did she draw this conclusion? I had to know.

She said “you’re hiding something from me. I don’t know what it is but you’re hiding something.”

She automatically assumed the worst and went straight for the balls. Ouch!

SHE WAS RIGHT. I was hiding something from her. I was hiding the fact that I had picked up the bad habit of chewing tobacco (this is a throwback for me from my highschool days) to find a familiar comfort and to QUIET THE NOISE IN MY HEAD.

You’ve been here before, and it’s related to business.

As an entrepreneur, you’ve probably had similar experiences… You go to work and the pressure is mounting. You find it increasingly difficult to change modes from work to home, and you start to sedate and self-medicate just to turn off that incessant noise in your head related to your business.

Before you know it, the noise has spilled over into your body by self-medicating and sedating just to get a brief respite form the chaos and noise in your head.

Then it spills over into your relationships. With your wife, kids, co-workers.

And this throws off your relationship with God because everything is chaotic.

Killing the old you and crushing it in business

The problems keep coming back if you don’t make a major change. The business you once started with so much passion and love is now something you almost hate. But it’s all you know, so quitting is not an option. You feel trapped.

But I’ve got some good news for you.

There is a way to having it all. And it starts with a fundamental change in the way you view your business, along with WHAT you do inside of your business.

Consider being on FIRE in business and leaving it at the office when you come home to a wife who’s proud of you and kids who feel you great energy.

This is the possibility that you know is out there, you just don’t have the path.

What I want you to do is fill out the form on the bottom of this page and get in touch with me. I will personally ask you the big questions about your business and your life. And it starts there. One conversation, one step.


Corey D. Rose, Co-Founder & CEO, Search Geeks

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