The 1 Thing SEO Cannot Do For You

August 9, 2019
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August 9, 2019 Corey Rose

…You Must Face Your Fears.

Happy Friday! Corey D. Rose here, co-founder and CEO at the Search Geeks, and inside the Search Geeks Vault. SEO can do a lot of things to increase your site’s traffic, including bringing down your competitors’ ranking by Today’s learning is focusing on the one thing that SEO cannot do for you.

Every day, your potential audience is out there clawing through the noise of the internet on this mobile device that was made to “connect” people – but all it has done is disconnect them from even the people right in front of them.

As the internet comes of age, and as people are starting to realize that their lives are being consumed by mindless pursuit of entertainment, they’re unplugging.

But during the time when they’re actually looking for your product or service, they’re actually looking for a connection to another human – to create a sense of belonging and ultimately to make the right buying decision based mostly on emotion. And how does that emotion come across?

YOU. Facing your fears of getting in front of a camera and speaking to that audience.

This is something that SEO cannot do for you, nor your content team. It has to come from YOU. You’re the face of the brand, company, product or service. And people want to connect with people. When that happens, so does the magic.

The 2 Steps to Begin Dominating with your Marketing

With the research they conducted, the first thing that they found that getting some video out in front of your marketing does – on a landing page or the homepage of your website – is helps you conquer a new fear. This in turn propels you to keep moving past other fears and rekindles your fire in business. Just Do It.

The second thing it will do is polarize your marketplace, in your favor. You’ll start to build a tribe that becomes loyal to you. You’ll differentiate yourself among all your competitors because:

1: None of them are doing this

2: None of them have YOU

You are the brand. You are the face. YOU are the connection that your potential clients or customers are looking for when the get online to solve an immediate problem or answer an immediate question they have.

Are you considering TikTok for your business marketing campaign? If so, it’s the right decision to succeed on the platform and get your business on TikTok to better increase engagement and sales.

What I want you to do now is get out your cell phone and record a video that comments on the pain that your potential customers feel before they buy from you. Followed by how you solve this with your product or service. And get into it… REALLY get into their pain and connect with them emotionally on how your product brings them to their utopia.

Then I want you to share this post with someone who you think needs to hear it.

And if you’re having a block – if your business is overrun by competitors in a “race to the bottom” with pricing, or you’re just not able to crank up the volume any more on your own efforts, get in touch with a company like the one at to get all the help needed.



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