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June 20, 2019 Corey Rose

Your Website’s Logo and Color Scheme Don’t Evoke Judgment, and That’s Bad. Here’s Why:

Corey D. Rose here, Co-Founder and CEO at the Search Geeks.

Earlier today as I was walking through our office building, there was an older gentleman walking his dog. We somehow got into the conversation about why we as humans love dogs (and most other animals for that matter).

The subject of judgment came up, that dogs don’t judge you when you’re interacting with them and it feels good to know that another being isn’t looking at you wondering why you’re wearing shoes from Payless, or why your makeup isn’t on point.

But then the twist –

I believe we love dogs because we drop our judgments – we let go of our comparison between another life form and ourselves. We don’t compare our inside with what we see on the outside when looking at a dog, which we tend to do when interacting with other human beings.

The internet paints a similar dynamic picture.

Webmasters toil day and night to find the secret color palette, craftiest logo and the most compelling copy.

Only to find that they’re just more noise in an ocean of distraction. And this is killing brands.

How? Because the insane amount of time and money spent on perfecting the “makeup” of a website in order to compel visitors to take the desired action could be replaced with something that the perfect color palette or logo struggles to do – without wasting another dollar or day.

The devices that people walk around with in their pockets all day long are supposed to make us more connected to each other. At least that was the promise. But what seems to have happened is we’re a society of unconnected people, worse than before we had smart phones.

So what’s the one thing people are starving for but just can’t find it above the sea of noise on the internet?


Connection with another human. It doesn’t have to be a facetime call or skype chat, but it can be the next best thing, which is finding the face of a brand and connecting through a video.

And evoking judgment.

And this is good, because judgment is discernment – or better put, “comparison.”

When they compare your brand that has YOU in front of it vs. another brand that has the awesome graphics and logo, guess who’s gonna win that judgment?

And how do they vote?

With their wallet.

So instead of fretting over all the crap that is basically meaningless if it doesn’t turn into dollars online and losing sleep over your logo, branding message and color pallet, give us a call and let’s have a conversation about how YOU can start to DOMINATE your market.

-Corey D. Rose


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